Miguel Berrocal

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Sculptures - Interlocking Bronze / Brass elements

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Opus 114  1968/72 
Opus 115   * 1973
Opus 116   *1972
Romeo Julieta
Opus 101   *1966 
Richelieu Sculpture Opus 115 Torero Sculpture Opus 116  
Available Available Available Available
Opus 167 * 1976
Manolete Opus 155 Alexandre
Opus 113  * 1973
La Totoche 118  & Portrait de Michele 110


Available Available Available Available
Maja, in Bronze
Opus 1
Salvador Dalia Opus 157 Mini Zoraida 
Opus 109
Mini David
Opus 107
Available Available Available Available
Last update 15.10..2019

Artnet Gallery: http://www.artnet.com/galleries/art-45-ltd/artist-miguel-berrocal/

Benefits / Advantages:

  • Each sculpture has been disassembled, each & every single piece has been cleaned, polished and reassembled.
  • Original instruction book + original packaging available
  • Value of this original book is priceless
  • Work delivered in Excellent Condition

    No one else can match these conditions on today's Market ! Guaranteed

    Price Match Guarantee ( terms and conditions apply)

    Note: If the above sculptures by Miguel Berrocal were to be purchased from someone else who would not have invested time, money, effort to restore its original state, the value added is dramatically reduced. Art 45 Ltd has a record of giving an excellent service in restoration and shipping the sculptures directly to your home address world wide web, via UPS/FedEx which will require no extra work or expense, hence resulting in a much better asset (better investment)

ALL Opus Available on request for more info: info@art45.com

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