Miguel Berrocal
Sculpture Opus 101 - Romeo and Julietta

Romeo Julietta

Front  view of  Sculpture
Year: 1969-70
Size: 15.2 x 21.6 x 12.5  cm
Edition: 1 / 2000

2000 / 2000
Marking: Signed & Numbered
Tecnique: Moulding Press Romeo and Julietta was completed in 1966 -1967
Highly complex work consisting in various hinged elements and sub-assemblies.
One internal element is a phallus complete with testicles which penetrates another internal element.
The design of the sculpture allows for the “copulation” of Romeo and Juliet when manipulated correctly. Marking signed on stomach of sculpture includes original book of instructions
Assemblage: Consisting Articulated and interlocking, 16 elements.
Original  instruction Book

The sculpture which has been disassembled, cleaned, Polished and Reassembled and accompanied by its instruction book, makes it very special and unique.

"Mint condition"

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